Paint Types 101

Paint Types 101

If you’re shopping for interior paint, you may notice that there are several different types of gloss to choose from, all the way from high gloss to matte or flat paint. Gloss refers to the luster of the paint, or how shiny it is, and can also affect how easy the paint is to clean.

Don’t feel like you’re required to pick certain glosses for different parts of your house – using the same paint with the same gloss throughout your home is a very common practice. However, if you are using different colors in different areas of your home, you can pick out different gloss levels for greater benefit. Here are a few suggestions.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Try choosing a high gloss or semi-gloss paint for these areas. Paints with extra gloss tend to be more durable when it comes to cleaning. You can scrub at them more easily without worrying about scraping the paint off, and the gloss generally makes dirt easier to remove and less likely to seep into the paint. That means it’s best suited for rooms where you may have to frequently clean the walls. That, of course, includes the kitchen and the bathrooms as especially good locations!

Family Rooms

Family rooms, living rooms, foyers — these are all similar spaces. While the walls and ceilings in these areas can sometimes get dirty, you don’t regularly clean them and you aren’t that worried about stains. A satin gloss paint works well here — this middle of the road option is one of the most popular for homes, and is suitable for these areas. You can’t really rub at it like paints with more gloss, but you can still easily clean if you need to. An exception may be the foyer or entryway, which depending on your home might get a bit dirtier.

Hallways can benefit from satin or eggshell — the gloss level below satin — which produce excellent color. Hallways rarely collect stains on the walls and won't often need to be cleaned, so it's all right to choose paints with less gloss.


Hallways can benefit from satin or eggshell — the gloss level below satin — which produce excellent color. Hallways rarely collect stains on the walls and won’t often need to be cleaned, so it’s all right to choose paints with less gloss. Of course, some rambunctious families find their hallways develop a lot of marks in certain areas, so keep this in mind. If you have a quieter house, matte paints can work here too.

Kid’s Rooms

Kid’s rooms are good places for satin or perhaps semi-gloss paints. The walls can get dirty, but it’s not as common a situation as it is in the kitchen or bathroom.

Adult’s Rooms

Adult rooms are a good place for matte paints that offer soft, quiet tones and very rarely need to be cleaned. Any of the more private areas in a home are good spots for matte paints.

Doors and Windows

Doors and window trim tend to collect grime and fingerprints and need to be cleaned fairly often. This makes them good choices for high gloss or semi-gloss paints.

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